[Nail art tutorial]_Golden nail art which is easy to learn!

Here is a step by step post of how to get the Golden Nail Art on Gel Polish by using single color.This one is really easy to learn that you can make it at home by yourself.

STEP 1:After Base Coat , put some foil chips on it.

STEP 2 :Used Africa White draw an “S” on nail.

STEP 3 :Draw it again.

Step 4 :Used Coco Black draw an “S” .

STEP 5 :Foil chips again.Don`t forget the Top Coat.

That`s all for this tutorial.It`s really easy to make by yourself.You can try it at home. The products which used in this tutorial is under the last photo . You can tag to shop there.Thank you for watching.See you in next tutorial.