Tips On Saving Over $3000 On Nails A Year!

Have you ever counted how much you spent on nails a year?

$1000? $2000? or even more?

Now we are talking about how to save money on nails.

Guess how much money you can save!

Salon Service Is Not Cheap

Manicures and pedicures can cost as much as $20 to $50 apiece and sometimes even more.

Apart from this, you need to give 15%-20% tip of the price.

If you do $50 manicure you need to give $10 tip, so you will spend $60 for once manicure.

Ladies went to nails salon 24 times per year.

If $60 once time, meant a grand total of $1440 per year.

Manicuring At Home Save At Least $1000

By picking up your gel nail polish and nail tools DIY at home,

you can save at least $1000 a year.

A bottle of salon-quality polish runs around $15 on the market.

Like MADAM GLAM, the price up to $19.95 per bottle.

If you have ample budget,

you can spend $200 on gel nail polish and $100 on nail tools.

Before: $1440 per year

Now: $300 per year

Save: $1140 per year

The Benefits Of DIY At Home

1.Manicuring at any time. 

Though the salon will do a better job, but we need to make an appointment in advance!

If you can’t do your nails immediately when you have beautiful mood,

you will gradually lose your patience.

2.Own your ideal style.

There is a problem in communication about manicuring at salon.

When you tell your manicurist your ideal style,

there may be a bit different after your nails completed.

3.Remove nails for free.

If you have ever done a nail without remove,

you may pay for nail remove when going to the salon.

4.DIY at home is cleaner than salon.

According to statistics, 25% of people manicure at salon will have allergies.

DIY at home can reduce the incidence of allergies with your own tools.

MODELONES Helps You Save Up To $3000

Do you think that $19.95 per bottle of MADAM GLAM gel nail polish is too expensive?

MODELONES gel nail polish $8.99-$9.99 per bottle with it’s good quality,

and the 7 color in one collection just need $39.99-$58.99 is affordable.

Tests show that MODELONES gel nail polish 10ml/bottle can be brushed 53 times on average.

Buying MODELONES 2-3 collections and few bottle of colors just need about $180,

and you can use the colors you buy DIY different styles at home.

Assume that you need to pay $60 for once manicure in the salon including tip,

if you do 53 times manicure, you need to pay $3180.

And the rest $3000,

you can buy something you like. e.g. bags, clothes, cosmetics, lipstick, etc.

It sounds too cost-effective!