DIY Valentine’s Day Nails To Express Your Love

Hi! Guys! Valentine’s Day is coming around the corner!

Do you have any ideas about expressing love?

MODELONES wants to tell everyone change your love style of chocolate and flowers.

The best way to express love is showing your nails!

DIY Valentine’s day nails? Of course!

Wear your heart on your nails with one of these super-sweet manicure designs.

“Sweet Heart” will have you feeling the love in no time.

Here, we present 10 DIY Valentine’s nails that are perfect to express love.


Sweet Heart

Every girl loves hearts on Valentine’s Day!

Cast a love spell on your Valentine with pretty hearts.

The bright red and white polishes in a way that reminds us of

using heart icon for valentine’s look and refresh your love.


Heart Outlines

A heart outlines will add oomph to your classic valentine manicure.

The heart pattern is perfect for ringing in love

and carry you through to your partner.


Skipping Heart

“Africa White”meets romantic”Brazil Red”.

You can use nail art pens to draw hearts on the white nail,

sketch the quick heart on an accent nail for

an understated–and faster–Valentine’s Day mani.


Girly Heart

With the mini red hearts,

 this nail art show your enthusiasm side on Valentine’s Day.

Grab some hearts and find out the secret to this pretty mani.


Dot Love

The red look is a Valentine’s staple.

Apply some black and white dots to fill up your love.

This wonderful look is perfect for all your dating.

Shining Queen

Shining Queen

This Valentine’s Day mani plays with a red stripes for a romantic ombre effect.

Nail It! uses “Red Queen” and “White Queen” clean lines,

and mini hearts for this lovely look.


Lucia Love

Just grab your favorite red and golden polishes to try out this trendy,

fabric-inspired look for Valentine’s Day.

The finished look using “Lucia Red” and “Bronze”

will impress and nobody has to know just how simple it was to achieve.


Budapest Romance

If you don’t want to freehand a heart shape,

use some stamping create the look.

Apply “1968” and “No8”,

play up the romantic Valentine’s Day vibe with pink and red polish.

This quick accent nail is perfect for a last minute mani.


Bold Love

Big bold colors are going to be big for 2019,

so why not try it on your nails on Valentine’s Day?

The “Black Gold”,”Lucia Red”and” Bronze” make for the perfect color combo.


Eternal Love

If hearts aren’t your thing,

check out this vintage inspired mani.

“I was a pretty lady” in “1968”.

Retro fashion nails let you feel eternal love,

it’s brilliant, especially for a dash-out-the-door mani.