Home VS Salon Manicuring: Which Is Best For You?

You may be questioning home and salon manicuring which is the best route for you.

With this in mind, we hope to enlighten you on the difference between the salon and home manicuring,

and how to decide which might be best for you and your nails.

Manicuring is a good way to practice self-care:

Instantly relax oneself and allow one to disengage from the other worries in the world to focus on just nails.

DIY at home can be a great experiment to match nails to both outfits and moods.


It takes $50 to make a better manicure at the salon,

plus 15%-20% tip, which means $60 for once manicure.

DIY at home you need to prepare gel polish and nail tools,

but you can save money because gel polish and nail tools can use many times!

Home or Salon manicuring depends on your financial situation:

Do you need to pay cash rents depending on your budget?

If you don’t have enough budget, you can choose DIY at home.

If you have an ample budget, you can choose the nail salon service.


If you don’t have a salon near your home,

you will waste a lot of time.

Most salon manicures will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour,

which can be a lot of time to spend on doing your nails.

In addition, some salons need an appointment.

If you can’t do your nails immediately when you have a beautiful mood,

you will gradually lose your patience.

But DIY at home can be at any time.

Nails can be done while watching a movie.


The professional nail salon can service you high-quality manicures,

which can guarantee the long-lasting of your nails,

but it will be more expensive.

Though DIY at home can’t as professional as a salon,

but you can buy good quality gel polish.


DIY at home can be cleaner.

According to the information,

25% of the people go to the salon have allergies.

The harsh chemical is the main cause of allergic reactions.

At the salon, you don’t know the ingredients of gel polish.

But DIY at home,

you can choose the safe gel polish and use your own nail tools to prevent allergic reactions.


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So, DIY at home and salons manicuring, which will you choose?