After long-term work, it is time to rest from your labor and give yourself a fantastic journey around the world.
TRAVELER is guaranteed for a fantastic experience.​


Warm sun, sandy beach, samba, and football make Brazil feel attractive and imaginative. Put on your BRAZIL RED, whether it is hot beach or football scene, in this passionate country, and will give you a passionate memory


Following the map to the north, modern city NEW YORK is omissible. Put on the metropolitan fashion outfit, coated with DREAMY SILVER, you can find out your shiny place in this bustling city to have a carnival night in a crowded club.


The third stop reached a historical and romantic center— Europe, hundreds of years of historical precipitation romantic atmosphere here. With a VICTORIA GOLD, you got the whole history surrounding the tip of your fingers.


Leaving Europe through the ancient silk road to Asia, this place is known for its gentle, everyone has a humble personality, painted with MORANDI PINK, you seem to also be integrated into this quiet place.


Africa, the most energetic continents, the balance between animal and human bring here peaceful life, white totem has a special meaning in here. try AFRICA WHITE on the tips, give your best wishes to this place, and this place will return to you with its the best scenery.


Fly away from the hot Africa,surrounded by the blue ocean, to feel the comfort and quiet of the sea. Island on Oceania just like the heaven, in here, you can find the golden beach, white sand beach, coral reef, and do not forget your FIJI BLUE


The last station, the rare Antarctic, the polar night makes every ray of light here has become beautiful in the dark sky, the stars become particularly bright, COCO BLACK nail tape to you is a period of quiet and Beautiful.