Rosebush Garden - 15Pcs 6 Colors Poly Nail Gel Kit

Rosebush Garden - 15Pcs 6 Colors Poly Nail Gel Kit

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Versatile: For nail coloring, nail extension, nail enhancement, and can mix glitters & stick nail accessories.
Long-lasting: Last up to about 1 month or longer with proper nail application (filing, buffering, and cleaning).
Easy to apply: Flexible and easier to control, can build and extend nails in minutes, even for a beginner.
High quality: 11 Toxin-Free ingredients and botanical extracts formula, delivering reliable and professional-grade results.
Eco-Friendly Packaging: This set will be packaged in easy-to-recycle and made from materials using minimal impact on natural resources.

Poly nail gel *6( 15g | 0.5 fl oz / each)
Base Coat *1
Top Coat *1
Dual-ended Nail Brush and Spatula *1
Nail File 100*180 *1
Mini Nail Lamp *1
Slip Solution *1
Nail Mold *2
Double-headed Magnet *1

Warm Tips:
*Dip the brush in slip solution or 70% isopropyl alcohol before applying the gel to dual forms for smooth application.
*Cure both sides of the poly nail gel for 90 seconds.
*Remove the sticky layer with a cleanser pad or isopropyl alcohol after curing, then apply a top coat.

In response to green living, this product is packaged in a simple manner without excessive packaging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 688 reviews
Charles N.
Glitter Galore

Love all the colors. I have not received my order yet. Am a guitarist and I use your product on my right picking hand.
Modelone should introduce a product line for guitar players.

I’m obsessed!!!

"I might never enter a nail salon again, except for a pedicure. I am so pleased with how these poly gel nails turned out! If you have the time to do them correctly, the results are amazing! I did watch lots of tutorials before I ordered this kit so I knew what to expect and how to apply them, as well has knowing some of the tips and tricks from the tutorial videos. I do recommend doing this as these would be difficult to apply from the few instructions given in the pamphlet. But, honestly, they are lovely! I don’t have an electric nail drill/file so had to do all my filing by hand, but still totally worth the time.
I plan to keep practicing and get quicker at applying them."

Practice makes perfect!

I was looking for an alternative to going to the salon since I have not been able to go in about a year in this product delivered! It comes with very clear instructions so I did not have to watch any videos to learn how to apply, and after doing a full manicure I would guess there's another two sets left in the tube.

Experiment A little

I’m so happy I learned about poly gel nails. This has been the easiest for me to create fake nails. There’s a bit of a learning curve to making sure where the cuticle and the nail meet. I went with this kit because it pretty much has everything you need including the light. I have a few but they’re in storage. I can keep everything in the box. I love the colors.

Easy and Effective

Long lasting and turn out great! I have no experience whatsoever with acrylics or anything nail related for that matter! Basically, if I can do it, you can do it! They’re also long lasting! The ones I have pictured were done about two weeks ago. The biggest benefit is…I don’t have to go to the nail salon!

Great product

"I love getting my nails done but with 3 kids, I don’t want to spend the money. I have tried the stick on nails, which fall off after a few days and painting my own, which chip and break.

I saw this type of product on Instagram ads and decided to buy this one. This was my first time and it took me about an hour. I think it turned out pretty good and I know that I can do better, faster in the future. The key to success is just being careful and following the directions.I highly recommend this product and I’m definitely going to buy more colors.

1st timer Poly gel user

I'm new to polygel nails. This kit had everything I needed to get started and made it super simple. The instructions were very clear and helped me figure out how to use it all. There is a learning curve, but this kit gives you plenty of product for trial and error. Even with me breaking multiple nails from my first set and using way more product than I need, I have at least enough polygel to do 12 full sets. And for the price of this set compared to a salon, this is a steal. It has no bad odor. And minimal filing is needed if you get the nail on right. I highly recommend this starter kit to anyone looking to try polygel. It's a fun, fast, and cheap way to have beautiful nails all the time. Fair warning-it can be very addictive and you'll quickly find yourself spending money on all the polygel colors you can.

Easier than I expected

"Editing to add, I wanted some more colors for my nails, but didn't want to get another kit. I messaged Modelones and they sent out a free shipping coupon a couple days later. That is some good customer service.

I am cheap about getting my nails done. I like having them done, but don't like salon prices, I also really hate working with acrylic myself. I can never get my nails shaped right. They are always lumpy and gross. I am right handed so my right hands nails always looked the worst.

This stuff though, it's so easy people don't know I didn't get them done professionally. I also love that if one comes off (I live on a farm, no matter how well they are done they come off sometimes) I can just pop into the bathroom and fix it in like 10 minutes and I'm good to go back to work. It doesn't take hours to fully dry or be ready for work. 10 minutes and I can go back to feeding the chickens or working with a horse."

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Rosebush Garden - 15Pcs 6 Colors Poly Nail Gel Kit

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