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A gift card to a local nail salon may sound good for your beauty-loving friends and family. But why spend so much for them to use in a single appointment when you could give them a total home salon for the same price?

Imagine a casual and cozy bestie's nail time at home during the wintertime. All you need is to select the chic nail gift sets. Maybe also get one for yourself and invite your friends and family over!

Twinkle Sparkle - Christmas Advent Calendar

Maybe your beauty-loving friends already passed the starter level during quarantine and looking for new art challenge! This Twinkle Sparkle Advent Calendar comes with 24 nail decorations and 1 exclusive limited color can be a good gift choice. The exclusive color is a veil white shimmering pearl gloss, you will be surprised by the marble texture it present. Definite worth to try.

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Gel Polish Kit - Pantone Color Institute™

When comes to choosing colors, it always give a headache. This 2 kits solved your problem and got the world no.1 color authority Pantone Color Institute™ pick the color for you. “FIERCE” is a blended palette of dynamic reds and beguiling jewel tones (come with 3 cat-eye gel for unique texture).. “EMBOLDENED” is an upbeat collection of 90’s synthetic digital colors (come with matte coat to create retro texture). All the essentials, nail files and tools, lamp, and decoration are in the kit, which is literally salon-equipped.

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A LITTLE BIT MORE – Acrylic Powder Set

For powder nail lover, here are 2 color sets that fulfill their nail box. “I See The Light” is a sparkle collection that every color shine in high gloss especially under spotlight. “Roseanna Dreams” is a nude collection that  with 8 unique nude tones that will never go wrong.

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Pastel Rainbow - 36 Shades Gel Polish Set

The best way to deal with choosing problem is to buy them all, and of cause, in a beauty price. This Pastel Rainbow set with 36 most-used colors is the one-time solution. Now, you have all the color for any occasions all year long.

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So In Love - Poly Nail Gel Kit

Who can resist dreamy romanticism. The colors of fairy tale and the starlight in fantasy. It will win a WOW when your friends receive this “So In Love” poly nail gel kit. Let’s make the nail long and pretty.

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Modelones is a nail art brand for all mani-artists who seek stylish nail design and unique self-expression. We are favorable for both mani-lover and fashion beauty media. Like Bustle Editor Pick, StyleCaster Editor Pick, WWD Editor Choice. As an industry-leading producer of gel nail polish, Modelones team always runs at the forefront of nail fashion and innovates our formulas, aiming to inspire confidence and courage in mani-artists through the power of color.

What are we waiting for?

Your buy in and join in! We firmly believe the 2 color palettes created by Pantone and Modelones will help explore more possibilities in nail art beauty by encouraging personal style and individuality while continuously promoting our brand spirit of bringing mani lovers boundless confidence and joy in the approaching Autumn and Winter. Your attention on the launch of Modelones new arrival (2 unique collections named Enboldened&Fierce) is highly appreciated. Coming soon!

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