STEP 1: Trim nail surface, prep and push back cuticles, clean and dry your nails.

STEP 2: Rub the gel bottle between your hands to thoroughly mix the gel.

STEP 3: Apply base coat thinly, and cure under UV lamp for 1 minute, LED light for 30 seconds. Apply another base coat if need.

STEP 4: Apply color gel in a thin application. Cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED light for 30-60 seconds.

STEP 5: Apply color gel again using the same process to get the color effect you want.

STEP 6: Apply top coat and cure under UV lamp for 1 minute, LED light for 30 seconds.

STEP 7: Shiny finish, enjoy your 14 Day Manicure!

The Base Coat:
A transition between fingernails and color gel
Protects nails and makes gel last longer

The Top Coat:
A protection after applying color gel
Makes color shiny and gel last longer

1. File your nails before you coat your nails, Remove the cuticle from your nails.

2. Dry and clean your nails, make sure your nails are oil-free.

3. Apply the gel thinner, thinner means stronger.

4. Do not cure the base coat till total dry, it is normal for a base coat to keep stick after curing.

1.Do not expose the gel polish to bright light or heat.(It may change the thickness and colors.)

2.Store your polish in a cool dark area.

3.Keep away from kids.

1.Use nail file to wear off and rasp away the top coat.(Important)

2.Soak off the nails into gel polish remover wraps pads for about 5 minutes. (If the gel is still adhered after 5 minutes, wrap again with for 5 additional minutes—never scrape or buff off gel.)

3.Rip down the whole pieces of nail enamel gently on each nail.

4.Apply some nail cuticle oil if necessary.

No, we never test our finished products or ingredients on animals.we are totally committed to animal-free beauty.

Unopened, MODELONES gel has a 2-year (or 24 month) shelf life.

The best way to extend its shelf life is to keep the neck of the nail polish bottle clean, store it somewhere cool and avoid direct sunlight.

No, you must use color gel with the base and top coat.Or it will not achieve the advertisement effect and will peel off easily.

Yes, you can use our base and top coat with different brand’s color gel. But if you want to get best effect for your nail, it is better to use the same brand.


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