The idea of MODELONES comes from a mutual dream of two good friends.


The idea of MODELONES comes from a mutual dream of two good friends. They dreamed to make different colors that can be easily spotted in life turned into a portable and displayable product, help everyone express their attitudes from a little cool thing and help explore the beauty belonging to each individual.

MODELONES is to be a kind of nail gel standing on its own attitude. Now the dream has come true — you can feel our color attitude in everywhere in Asia, Europe and America. MODELONES is showing everyone’s attitude by countless colors and diverse designs. You can find your color, mood, style, attitude,beauty and even life from here. Just come, and join us to seek your attitude!







Justin used to work at the airport where he could appreciate the most wonderful and natural colors every time he looked up at the sky.After deciding to be a color coordinator, he found that the most beautiful colors come from nature.

The extraordinary nature makes every different place different beauty. The different colors in nature represent different meaning. Such color coordination is pure and beautiful.Justin loved this. He then did thousands of experiments, attempting to revivify the “nature colors”. After using more than 200 natural materials to extract, through 43 procedures and countless failures and tries, he finally worked out the approach of revivifying colors to an utmost extent. Therefore, this series is called the closest colors to nature.


Having been in the advertising industry for 7 years, Ben knows very well the importance of creativity than anyone else.

He often goes around hot places of the fashion world, receiving the latest fashion information, hence as a designer he has been immersed to be quite sensitive to vogue and has built his unique aesthetics. Some time he found that manicure reflects one’s understanding towards fashion. It is a small part, yet the one who plays it around is the one who has a deep comprehension of fashion. Manicure is an ornament of fashion, a crowning touch to a whole look. Different manicure can match different styles, featuring one’s own fashion



Once when Justin and Ben were abroad for a location shooting, they saw a girl staring at them all the time. When they approached her and tried to talk, however, they found themselves didn’t understand the local language, but the little girl just looked at the gels in their hands.

They delivered the box to her, from which she picked up all the light colors. Through careful consideration, she finally chose a red gel. Then they helped varnish her nails. When it’s done, she looked at her nails very happily.

The red gel was showing her delight. At that moment the girl was smiling, they suddenly realized that color is more real and direct than language.