5 reviews for 15pcs 6colors Rainbow PolyGel Kit(Free Top&base coat)

  1. kathbeth43

    I just received mine today and I am falling in love with the colors.
    I love using the plastic forms in the bag because they are perfect for
    my nails. The big plastic forms are too big (the one in the box). I think
    I got a free gift of smaller, flatter plastic forms that work so much better.
    Thank you for the free gift of the plastic forms! I just love these. This time there was slip solution in the kit.
    I just love your packaging.

    Thank you Modelones!
    Thank you so very much!

  2. Joanna

    I got this kit on Amazon because I’ve already purchased one before and I am absolutely in love with this polygel!!!

  3. Keekee

    Love it!!! first time using it. The tubes are really small

  4. Lolita

    This might be my favorite set. It includes rainbow colored poly gel that you don’t even have to paint over. Just add a clear polish and it looks just as great. This set is so easy to use. With practice you won’t need to spend so much on the nail salon anymore.

  5. Deeluvspink

    Fun and easy to use!!!
    Absolutely love this kit. The colors are so fun and easy to use. These nails have been on for two weeks now with no issues.

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