16 reviews for Modelones 6 Colors Solid Cream Gel Polish Set 1

  1. shadow

    Nice product but the shipping is around 15 days

  2. Haley Brackett

    This product is everything I’ve been wanting in a gel. You have so much control over the brush and the gel. It cures perfectly with my 48w led lamp, no stickiness. It’s so smooth, and goes on as thin or as thick as you’d like.

  3. Paige

    I’ve been curious about this type of polish and I have to say, it was fun!
    It takes a bit of practice to get a good technique because it doesn’t go on like regular polish. It’s more like paint so you can actually work it more to get just right. It doesn’t run, so you can put it right where you want it.
    Like i said, it’s tricky at first because it’s so different, but once i got used to it, i had beautiful results.
    Don’t be discouraged by how it looks before your top coat, you can see in my 1st picture that it kind of looks like acrylic paint and you can see the brush strokes. But, the top smoothed everything out perfectly!
    I love how thin it goes on, too. You can do multiple coats without it getting too thick and gloopy.
    Finally, that brush! I love it ! The shape is great for getting along the cuticle without flooding it and it’s retractable! No more fuzz getting stuck on it when I set it down! I need more of that brush.

  4. Lucky

    This cream gel nail polish is amazing!!! The should be more like it around. It reminds me a lot about eyeshadow or lipstick. The brush that it comes with, looks exactly like it’s for makeup. I love the way the brush hides and come out. It just sucks that it slides in too easily when it is being cleaned. Clean the brush with an alcohol wipe by gently brushing it on the wipe a few times. There was no manual on cleaning the brush and it only came with one brush. The cream is so smooth that you have to be extra careful not to grab too much. I didn’t have to use a lot because the cream spread easily and evenly no matter how much I grabbed. I love that it’s so creamy too! It does become a little rough when trying to apply clear top coat to it after being cured though, so be careful as well. So shiny!!! I used 2 cream coats, but 1 was fine too. Base, cream, cream, top. The more you put of the base or top coats, the thicker it becomes and more likeliness to peel faster. It’s been a week and the cream gel nail polish is still on. It’s just starting to peel at some parts of the nails. Try to avoid hot or warm water! It peels the gel nail polish faster or puts air into it. That’s what I noticed about gel nail polishes. Other than that, great cream! Thanks so much!

  5. Elizabeth Gomes

    The brush is the best part!

  6. austin mcnulty

    I love this product and the brush is viper cute it sheds a little bit the actual cream gel is super pigments and I prefer it over gel polish. It doesn’t run like gel polish I highly highly recommend.

  7. Chana_Simcha

    These Gel Pot polishes were totally new to me, but I’m really glad I tried them! They come in a set of six different beautiful colors and are extremely pigmented. You do need to use them with Modelones’s base and top coat so I ordered a set of them as well.
    The set comes with its own brush which is very convenient. The colors go on smoothly and you could probably get away with one coat, but I used two as recommended. I was curious to see how pigmented they were and was able to do a second color on my middle finger which covered the other color perfectly! These would be perfect for nail art as well as for polish.
    Make sure to read the directions as you will need to cure them, just as with any other gel polish. You’ll need the directions to tell you the curing time for your lamp.
    These would make a great gift for someone who loves Gel Polish or for your favorite nail technician. Make sure they have the base coat and top coat also as these work best when using the same brand.

  8. Allayne Clark

    Purchased this Modelones 6 Colors Cream Gel Polish, Soak off UV nail polish set as I wanted to try “gel in a pot”….. pkg arrived intact 6 little pots, but brush missing… The seller was so kind and offered me a replacement……I was so impressed by how quickly this issue got solved. This showed me how much they care about their customers which I so appreciated ! Inside the box lid, shows pictures describing the procedures to this gel polish application. The brush itself is like a lipstick tube; hidden and protected when closed, pull it open and brush appears. Push to close after cleaning, the brush retracts and is safely “stored & protected” till next use. Gel polish is thick, and colors very bold & pigmented. Application of this gel polish was smooth in constistancy and easy to apply. Cured in lamp excellently to a hard shiny polish coat. Better polish control as there’s no spill, bottle tipping over, thus less waste. Very pleased with this set…would definitely purchase again ! Recommend for nail enthusiasts! Great product !
    It has 6- 5ML jars in this set and they are gorgeous colors. Can’t wait to try the next set.
    As far as pricing I think it was really great. So excited that I have this collection.
    review imagereview image


    Wow is all I can say about these cream gels they are so amazing. I have been looking for a really pigmented gel and I think these are very pigmented. I love the consistency of them as well. They don’t run they are very creamy. One coat usually works I didn’t have any problems with these gels. I did apply two just to see if it made any difference and it was still just as beautiful. Super creamy and smooth the brush is so amazing as well like it was made just for these gels.. They self level beautifully. I actually am going to try an one stroke with them.
    It has 6- 5ML jars in this set and they are gorgeous colors. Can’t wait to try the next set.
    As far as pricing I think it was really great. So excited that I have this collection.
    review imagereview image

  10. BrendadLyons

    I was very sceptical but wanted to try it anyway. It has this cute lil brush that is perfect for application. I really am pleased with this product! It’s definitely a keeper!

  11. Simonsayz90

    These colors are amazing. They are very creamy, good pigmented, and the brush that it comes with is unique. You really don’t need anything for clean ups or anything other than I would highly highly recommend using the foundation(base and top coat) set. I would advise to pay close attention to the cute time. Also the top coats don’t have a tacky layer of I recall correctly. I would definitely recommend this product hands down. I’m looking into getting more colors

  12. Yan

    I bought the Modelones set 1&2 and Modelones Upgraded Base Coat No Wipe Glossy Top Coat Set With 1 Free Matte Top Coat. For my first time using this I thought it was pretty awesome. Normally with gel polishes I have a hard time doing my left hand but both hands look pretty nice. I’m glad I bought this. This is a lot less messier. The matte top coat from Modelones is way better then Gelish.

  13. Nathan brindley

    I love the brush that comes in this kit. The design is adorable and easy to use. I like how “creamy” the product is. I’ve had others that went on chalky instead of smooth. This is defintly better then normal gel nail polish!

  14. Miasha Blair

    I cannot express how much I love these I got them after watching someone use them on YouTube and Ive put two coats on but they are beautiful on and easy to work with just wish they will offer more colors I purchased but sets so I do have some double colors but I’m cool with that

  15. James OHalloran

    My daughter really loves them and she enjoys painting the nail on her own.Amazing about the creamy texture. They are so pigmented to paint.

  16. Jon Mortonstout

    Very pigmented, love the product for the $

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