6 reviews for 6 Colors Solid Cream Gel Polish Set 3

  1. Maddie Lee

    First timer using a poly gel nail kit.

    I really liked this kit. It comes with everything you need. Instructions are very clear. Easy to use. I thought I did good for my first time using this kit.

  2. Vaiferrari 🌹

    This set has everything you need to do a beautiful manicure. I love the color selection of the gels, they are bright and highly pigmented. I especially like the sparkly ones.
    I just recently started to do my own nails and I was intimidated at first by the application of the gel, but I have to say that my results were pretty good and I’m sure that with a little practice they will be perfect.
    The only suggestion I can give to someone who’s doing this for the first time is to take your time, use short strokes and apply thin layers, it will be easier and you will have more control. Also clean any polish that accidentally got on your skin before curing it, once it gets hard, it’s not coming off, I learned that the hard way…😅
    I also want to add that after reading the reviews, before purchasing this set, I was expecting a cheap brush, but I was surprised to get a really nice one. Perhaps they have listened to the reviewer’s complaints and changed it.

  3. Simonsayz90

    Modelones Summer Vibes really brought the summer vibes!!!

  4. Melanie W.

    Great kit at a great price
    Firattof all let me say that I love all of Modelones products. The packaging is always gorgeous and the products themselves are amazing. This kit is the perfect kit for anyone that is just starting to do their own nails at home or even for practicing on others. It has everything that you need to do polygel extensions then gel polish to complete the manicure, including gel base and top coat. For everything that comes in this kit the price is really great. I would recommend this kit for both beginners and anyone wanting to add to their collection of polygels or gel polishes. Great kit and well worth the price.

  5. kathbeth43


    Love the solid cream gel color. They are creamy. I love the brush is so tiny but very workable. I would love so photos.

  6. kathbeth43

    I love the gel color. I haven’t used these yet but if they are like the other Modelones gel I will probably love them. I will update my review when I use the gels.

    The package was nicely wrap. Thank you Modelones!


      Thank you for your comment!

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