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You will get 6 random products from following options:

MODLEONES Glitter Gel Nail Kit($16.99)

MODLEONES Limited wood gel($8.99)

MODLEONES Nail Gel($1.88)

MODLEONES Galaxy cat eye($3.99)

MODLEONES Blooming Gel($2.99)

MODLEONES Nail Rhinestones($5.99)

MODLEONES Solid Cream Gel($2)

MODLEONES Nail stickers($7.99)

MODLEONES Dry Flower($5.99)

MODLEONES Galaxy Cat Eye Gel Polish Set 6pcs($21.99)

3 reviews for MODELONES Lucky Bag(Worth over $35)

  1. babygirl59

    P Edille

    Excellent worth the price everything arrived safe it everything always very good from Modelones. Thank you so much Modelones.

  2. sarah ortego

    I was worried that I wouldn’t get things I like but I love every thing I received. I don’t really care for the rhinestones but I’ll probably still give them a try. Thank you very much modelones

  3. A. HOWELL

    Excellent haul! Worth every penny. Received 6 items: glitter gel pot set, 9d Gel #001, rhinestones, dried flowers, gel polish, creme color pot #009

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