What degree of temperature belongs to you this fall?

Are you a Below 10℉or 100℉ person, or a 50℉ person? In other words, are you a cold or warm person, or a calming person?


The 100°F red color gives people a burning and hot feeling, and it has a more interpersonal than other degrees of temperatures, which strongly attracts people’s attention. Just wear it to be a bewitching or warm allure.


60°F  yellow is the first color seen when people are born and is associated with happiness, which can bring you optimism and energy. 60°F yellow give you the best wishes and energy this fall.


50°F green is a calming and comfortable color. It has for a long time symbolized balance and is an earthy and reassuring feeling when looked at on a primitive level. Are you a person with a sense of security?


40°F blue is a whimsical color, represents both the sky and the sea and is associated with depth, wisdom, loyalty heaven, and intelligence. If you like it, you absolutely are the person that hope to be the best, find the best, and strive to be the best.

Below 10°F

Below 10°F purple is a cold to unapproachable color that represents noble, mysterious and extraordinary status. Maybe Smiling and talking is not your favorite thing. If that is you, just put it on and boldly show your charm to all over the world.


Different degree of temperatures gives people a different feeling. What degree do you want to be this fall? Just take your color with “ Temperature Set ”!



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