Never Settle to Normal! Let’s Play with Something New

Have you meet our latest Color Cube Solid Cream Gel Polish? Did you mistaken it as the eyeshadow palette at the first glance? Would you like to open a new manicure experience with this new cute? Let’s find out more secrets behind it ❤

Cuter Gel Color Experience

Sometimes we are upset of the opaque bottles of gel polish and wish that can be as colorful as the gel lacquer. That’s the main motivation for us to make this Color Cube palette, by which, all the gel colors can pop directly in sight when you open the palette (just like the eyeshadow experience!).

Instead of peeking the gel through a tiny bottleneck, now you can see through the color scheme and flash more inspirations in color matching.

Bolder in Value Expression

Prism is the main identity element of our packaging design. Every prism represents a color star, a place that we want to build with all mani-lovers, and everyone involved can share the fun of manicure and infinite inspirations. By lining all the prisms together, shows our determination to make the color star the most strong and trusted gathering galaxy.

The laser finish, embossing, and casual font stroke add a playful tone on the packaging, we hope you can find "More Joy, More Coloring Life" when using (it’s also hidden inside the palette, try find it!) .

Last but Not Least: Sustainable All the Time

On the one hand, we minimize traditional bottles used to reduce material waster. On the other hand, we adopted a pure recyclable paper outer box design, which can hold the palette and nail brush firmly to avoid breakage during transportation, at the same time, avoid any extra plastic, wrap paper, and Styrofoam used. Reduce environmental impact is the longtime and always value in our mind.

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