Tom Bachik x Modelones

Brand Ambassador Interview: Tom Bachik Shares His Insights on Nail Tips and the Future of the Nail Industry with Modelones

We are excited to announce that world-renowned celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik has joined Modelones as our brand ambassador. Bachik has worked with A-list clients such as Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and Kim Kardashian, and we are thrilled to have his expertise and experience in the nail industry.

Tom Bachik is a loyal and trustworthy professional who offers unique and creative solutions to his clients. He sees the good in everything and maintains an optimistic outlook on life. His clients can rely on him for anything, and he works tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcomes. Tom's dedication and positivity make him an exceptional individual in his field.

During our interview with Bachik, he shared his vast experience, valuable insights, and expert knowledge on the art of nail care, offering a wealth of practical advice and useful tips.


Let's dive into the interview together!  

Could you share with us the most unforgettable experience you have had in your career?

Wow, Ive had so many at different stages in my career, it would be too difficult to choose just one most unforgettable! I won the World sculptured acrylic competition with 1 years experience. I became the Global Artistic Director for the worlds leading Nail professional brand CND. I was the first Nail Artist to ever have a contract with Chanel. I got to walk on the field at halftime with Jennifer Lopez for the Super Bowl. I get to work daily with some of the worlds most iconic women. How could I choose just one!

What is your personal favorite nail art style?

I love mixed media, I love seeing nails as works of art. Jewelry pieces of their own with layers of style showcasing depth, dimension and creating emotion and joy.

Where do you typically get inspiration for your nail art designs?

From life around me. My family, clients, and the teams of artists I work with each day!

What is your favorite color scheme personally? 

This is hard because I stand on both sides of the fence. I love clean, classical complementary color pallets but I also love bright and bold contrasting schemes! I just love color.

Could you share one or two exclusive nail art tips with us?  

1. Have fun with color. Dont be afraid to try new things. Dont try to be perfect.
2. Remove the sticky layer from cured color before applying the art to keep your lines clean and crisp. 

Could you predict upcoming trends in nail art?

Texture–Plan on seeing texture in color from iridescent effects to shimmers and sparkle playing a big roll in nail art from simple to the extreme.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Modelones this time? 

I am very impressed with Modelones color selection, creativity and the whole range of products they offer. I love how often they update their product colors to stay on trend. After using the products, I quickly found the quality exceeded my expectations. I love to use them on set and on my A-list clients. 

As a celebrity nail artist, you have collaborated with many brands in the past. Have you considered establishing your own nail art brand in the future?

Absolutely! My collaborations have been hugely successful to date and the demand continues to grow. The decision will come down to weather I start my own brand or partner with the right brand to establish a long term creative partnership.

We are thrilled to have Bachik on board and are committed to working with him to push the boundaries of nail art and bring new and innovative ideas to the market. His talent and insights on the nail industry make him an excellent fit for Modelones.   

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