Acrylic Powder Essentials –
100% Kolinsky Sable Acrylic Nail Brush
Modelones Acrylic Nail Styling Brush made of 100% pure Kolinsky hair; The firm belly allows for the perfect acrylic application. Specification Size: #08/#10/#12/#14 FEATURES 100% Finest Kolinsky Hair:Extremely soft, natural and smooth, easy to paint. Comfortable Design: Sturdy hardwood handle...
$25.99 from $17.99
Upgraded Formula Acrylic Liquid Monomer(120ml)
Used with Acrylic powder to ensure to the best adhesion to natural nail and ensures an impeccable bright and vibrant. WHAT YOU GET120mL Acrylic Liquid Monomer*1 FEATURE Medium-slow drying time to shape: perfect amount of time for shape, and carve,...
$12.99 $9.99
100 Pcs Nail Extended Paper Tray
Paper Forms for Gel Nail, Nail Former Stickers with Numbers Marked. WHAT YOU GETNail Forms*100 FEATURE Premium Quality: Long nail former is thickness enough and self-adhesive with good adhesion, it firmly fixed on your finger to prevent instability when you...
$4.99 from $2.99
Rainbow Nail Art Brush Kit
High quality wooden pen and nail dotting pens each with different colors. WHAT YOU GET#2 Brush*1#4 Brush*1#6 Brush*1#8 Brush*1#10 Brush*1#12 Brush*1#14 Brush*1Dotting Pen*1 FEATURE Nail Art DIY: Ideal for fine nail art work and suitable for professional use or home...
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