• Chip-free.Lasting up to 21 days with proper application.
  • Dense Curved brush perfect for Beginner & Pro.
  • Highly pigmented, can be used as painted gel.
  • Healthy ingredients, No Nasty Smell.
  • Germany Patent formula & USA Design.


  • Used with UV/LED nail lamp
  • Used with TOP & BASE COAT
  • Net WT: 10ml / 0.34 fl.oz / 518g
  • Dimensions : 19.00cm * 12.70cm * 3.70cm (Length * Width * Height )


  • STEP 1: Trim nail surface, prep and push back cuticles, clean and dry your nails.
  • STEP 2: Rub the gel bottle between your hands to thoroughly mix the gel.
  • STEP 3: Apply base coat thinly, and cure under UV lamp for 1 minute, LED light for 30 seconds. Apply another base coat if need.
  • STEP 4: Apply color gel in a thin application. Cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED light for 30-60 seconds.
  • STEP 5: Apply color gel again using the same process to get the color effect you want.
  • STEP 6: Apply top coat and cure under UV lamp for 1 minute, LED light for 30 seconds.
  • STEP 7: Shiny Finish! Enjoy your 14 Day Manicure!


  • 7 Pcs Gel Nail Polish
  • 1Pc × User’s Guide
Color Name

Collection, Cranberry, Orange, Lemonade, Mint, Blueberry, Blue Raspberry, Cherry

29 reviews for Smoothie Gel Polish

  1. Debby

    I love the Modelones Smoothie Collection Gel Polish.

  2. Nan

    Love these gel polishes! The colors are beautiful and last long. Would definitely recommend.

  3. Conn

    Great seller experience and product.

  4. Orlando

    I love the whole set. The wooden lid is so special. Mom loves Smoothie too!

  5. Elaine

    I ordered a set of 7 color . They came on the early end of the delivery estimate and were packaged nicely in a box. I’d tried the no wipe top coat from this brand and had been impressed and I’m glad to find that the colors are great too. I’ve only tried two of them so far and they have good coverage with two coats and don’t streak.

  6. Charlotte

    Wow! My sister is so happy with her birthday gift. So thank you Modelones!

  7. Roseanne

    Awesome colors!

  8. Cash

    I bought a sample color, it is the best gel polish of the 3 brands I have tried. It stays on for 3 weeks or more before the first chip. It goes on very easy and smooth and is not thick. I have purchase the 7 color choices and look forward to trying each colo

  9. Olivia

    I start using gel this year and I find Modelones is one of the best! No nasty smell and pigmentation is so good. I am still wearing my mani for two weeks. So it’s absolutely stunning.

  10. Rosetta

    great variety of color and it dries faster than other gel polish!!!!

  11. Elena

    I received my polishes after much anticipation! I have bought this brand before and been highly impressed by the quaility, especially for the price. They are worth the wait.

  12. Roseanne

    Awesome colors!

  13. Elizabeth

    This set is perfect for both summer and fall. I am still wearing entire this month! Can’t wait to see how they arrange winter colors. So excited.

  14. Sean

    Love all the colors. They all work very well. I also love that it doesn’t smell like nail polish, it honestly just smells like plastic. It’s super easy to use and usually only need one coat if you cover your whole nail. I would recommend to anyone.

  15. Paulina

    I absolutely love this set! This is my first time to buy gel nail polish, I am already addicted! I bought Smoothie gel nail polish and they are very beautiful! Really every color is great! The quality and convenience of using them are great! I am very happy to get this set, I am addicted to addiction and can’t wait to try new colors!

  16. Nash

    The gel nail polishes had a lot of variety to choose from, the colors were well pigmented and totally easy to use. They were runny which makes gel polishes harder to use and cause a mess. I cured these polishes with an LED light needing no more than 60 sec. All the colors were nice letting me use more neutral colors that are still noticeable. From my personal experience, I can say that the polishes were wonderful.

  17. Angela90

    I really like the bottle design and colors! I’ve never seen this before. Love their stories about each set. And now Smoothie is my fave. Will try other sets in the future.

  18. Nola

    The concept of Modelones gel polishes is fascinating. Can’t to get mine!

  19. Rita

    Great product, vibrant colors. Wearing a topcoat, my nails have a luster like a mirror. This is the first time I have used this product or made my own gel nails. It is very smooth and has no scratches. I will definitely buy more .

  20. Sara

    Smoothie gel nail polish this nail polish is awesome! This product is true to the colors in the image and they are as long as they should be. It’s great, different colors give me different feelings, better than anything else I’ve tried.

  21. Pippa

    I only use three color manicures and it works very well. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I am very happy to make my nails satisfactory. Price and quality are great!

  22. Jennifer

    Mint is my favorite but I love them all. Will try Galaxy when they arrive and now Smoothie still be my fave. lol

  23. Shannon

    I saw smoothie first on Youtube and I totally fall in love with this set! So bright and vivid color. Can’t wait to try them out!

  24. Hattie

    Great polish, always a smooth application. Very nice formula an beautiful colors.

  25. Teresa

    The color is very cute! These color of the smoothie makes me want to drink a smoothie and these summer color makes me feel comfortable!

  26. Lewis

    So glad I purchased smoothie! My favorite color is the lemonade shade. I’m still learning to apply the perfect opaque color and this polish is so smooth and easy I love it.

  27. Isabel

    Love all colors. Works perfectly and it looks like real gel after the second coat. The texture of it is smooth and of good quality. Besides, very easy to apply with the curved brush.

  28. Nancy

    Very pretty colors! They were pretty smooth and even coats for me.

  29. Yan

    Love all colors. Works perfectly and it looks like real gel after the second coat. The texture of it is smooth and of good quality. Besides, very easy to apply with the curved brush.

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